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photo of me

(Detail from this 2001 group photo)

I do computer vision research at Intel, previously at TYZX, Menlo Park, California, USA, since 2006

... after a stay at the
Image processing lab of the
Informatics and Operations Research Department
of the Université de Montréal, Canada.

Before that: Assistant Research Professor (CS) at the  
Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments
of the University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA.

Previously: in Lisbon, at the Computer Vision Lab
of the Institute of Systems and Robotics.


My current endeavors in research, for 2006 were summarized in this research statement. My interests are actually wider than stated there and include:

Other academic interests

I implement most of my work in Octave, a free language not unlike Matlab (tm). I contribute some of my code to Octave-Forge, a central location for custom scripts, functions and extensions for GNU Octave. Some code that does not fit in Octave-forge is on my code page.


Writing Tips

Curriculum Vitae

Here are a short

Contact / Address

E-mail: In English etienne at eee gee dee enn dot net
En français etienne arrobas euh jai des enne point net

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